We are Cryptobuyer

Your gateway to Digital Assets

Cryptobuyer is the result of a multidisciplinary team's work that seeks to bring to all our users to the world of Digital Assets in a simple, fast and robust. We want to be the reference for your operations in Bitcoin, Dash and future digital assets.

Using open standards and Internet protocols, such as Blockchain, we integrate exchange solutions that allow you to connect this new virtual technology to the real physical world, in short, your day to day.

From a phone recharge for a loved one from abroad, to paying your credit cards, through the payment of utility bills and TV subscription, Cryptobuyer has the flexibility to be integrating new forms and ways of tangible use making a real connection between people.

As partners of the Bitcoin Foundation of Venezuela, we offer specialized advice and consultancy in the subject to companies, groups, individuals and NGOs and we are aware of the social and corporate responsibility of the country, in addition we have the support and legal and tax advice from a large group of jurists of national and international long career.

Cryptobuyer.io your gateway to digital assets.